How can I Get Admission in CBSE Patrachar?

05 Jun

CBSE Patrachar is a golden opportunity for students of class 9th and 11th to take direct admission in classes 10th and 12th even if they fail in their previous class.

Taking admission in CBSE Patrachar is a very simple and convenient process, under this scheme, a student who takes admission in patrachar can directly appear for CBSE Board examination.

The students who take admission to CBSE Patrachar have the same set of examinations as that of regular school students, students of Patrachar will have the same syllabus as that of regular school students, the same date sheet as that of regular school students.

Apart from that, the students who take admission to CBSE Patrachar will have the same result as that of other CBSE Students, they will get same certificate mark sheet as that of regular school students.

Hence taking admission in CBSE Patrachar is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to save their precious year.

To take admission in CBSE Patrachar following courses are available:

Students can take admission in CBSE Patrachar in all three streams- Science, Commerce, and Arts.

For taking admission  in Patrachar Vidyalaya following eligibility criteria is required:


((A) Students Male/Female who have passed or failed in Class IX Or have passed in class VIII (with one year gap) from a Govt. / Govt. Aided/recognized / CBSE board school or failed in class X are eligible for class X admission can apply for admission.


Note:-Those students (Male & Female) who have studied up to class IX privately at home (who have never gone to a school) can also seek admission on the basis of an affidavit.
(B) The candidate must be 14 years of age as on 31st March.


Those students (Male & Female) may seek admission directly to class XII having at least one year gap after passing class X exams from any recognized / CBSE Board or failed in class XI by submitting original SLC / TC


Those students (Male & Female) who have studied upto class IX privately can seek admission on the basis of affidavit.
(B) Students (Male & Female) who have failed in class XII from a recognized / CBSE Board are eligible for admission to class XII.

At Patrachar School, our first work is to help these students so that they can sail through their board exams smoothly. Even if a student faces trouble in studies innovative teaching methods, on one doubt clearings and constant student-teacher interaction as well as constant student-parent interaction will make sure that your child excels.

When you take admission in CBSE Patrachar you will have the following:

  • Same syllabus as that of regular schools
  • Same date sheet of CBSE as that of regular Schools
  • Same Exam Pattern as that of regular schools.

Complete assistance is provided to students who want to take admission in CBSE Patrachar.

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